Wonder Woman Foundation

The Wonder Woman Foundation is a non-profit organization established by R&B singer and entertainer PatriceLIVE in 2016. The mission of the organization is to enhance the personal and professional lives of women at various stages of their lives through mentorship, education and scholarships. The vision of the organization is to create personalized programs to assist foundation members in excelling emotionally, professionally and financially.

The organization pillars are Accountability, Sisterhood, Tenacity, Integrity, Nobility—an acronym inspired by PatriceLIVE’s daughter Samantha Astin.  Each year the organization will award five scholarships all named after and inspired by women who have impacted PatriceLIVE.


Wonder Woman Awards

Astin Award

Start of a college fund or college scholarship for a young woman between the age of 2-16 years old. 

Bertha Award

Award for a woman battling a life-threatening illness. To be used for medical expenses and/or for care of winner’s minor children.

Dorothy Award

Award for a single mother of 3 or more children. To assist with education, babysitting services, groceries, clothing/ furniture for children.

Patricia Award

Award for a woman 35+ years who has overcome a major life, professional or financial challenge. Award will support a personal or professional goal tied to homeownership, continuing education or other endeavors preapproved by WWF board.

Rosetta Award

Grant for a budding small business owner or entrepreneur.



The Wonder Woman Foundation will officially launch in June 2018.